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Brain Tracy Interviews Tom Stone 
The 7 Secrets of Emotional Mastery
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#1 Emotions Expert
Tom figured out how to cure himself of PTSD after getting shot in the chest and in the process became a master of emotions. 
Watch this video to learn how he discovered how to do that! 
  • Learn the real cause of making bad decisions and how to eliminate it
  • Brian Tracy - "With this, anything is possible!"

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

8:00 PM EST - 5:00 PM PST
Brian Tracy Interviews Tom Stone
"This is the most profound discovery in human history"
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  •  Learn exactly why people are not good at handling their emotions... and how you can change that
  •  Learn an amazing new technique for getting rid of emotional pain... PERMANENTLY!
  •  Learn the critical distinction between Emotional Suppression and Emotional Completion
And So Much More... 

     Wednesday, September 6, 2017

      8:00 PM EST - 5:00 PM PST
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